Resolving Complaints With A Super Fund

If you have a dispute with your super fund you should first ask them for a Financial Services Guide (FSG). This is required to contain information about the internal and external dispute resolution procedures. Union members may also approach their union for assistance with resolving complaints or issues relating to superannuation.

Steps to resolving a complaint:

1. Contact the fund and explain the problem. Most problems can be managed internally at this stage.

2. Make a formal complaint in writing to the fund according to the internal complaints procedure. Make sure you keep a copy of the letter. If you are dissatisfied with the response from the fund or do not receive a response within 90 days, you are entitled to lodge a complaint with an external body.

3. Contact the external complaints body to check if your complaint is one they can deal with. Complaints regarding superannuation products can be directed to the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal (SCT) on 1300 884 114.

4. You must fill in the SCT's Registration of Complaint form and send it with a copy of your written complaint and your fund's reply to: Superannuation Complaints Tribunal, Locked Bag 3060, GPO MELBOURNE VIC 3001. You can obtain the Registration of complaint form from your fund or the SCT. A copy of sample complaint letters is available on the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal website.

5. The Tribunal will acknowledge your complaint within seven days of receipt and then send a notice to your fund advising them of the complaint registration.