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Consider product disclosure statements

Before joining a superannuation fund listed on this website, you should obtain and consider its product disclosure statement. You can obtain the product disclosure statement for each Industry SuperFund by following the links provided on this site.

How much super could you lose calculator assumptions

Annual inflation rate of 2.50%; a Super Guarantee rate of 9% increasing to 12% over the period announced by the Federal Government; a contributions tax of 15% adjusted for the proposed low income tax break as announced by the Federal Government; an investment return of 7.225% (8.5% less tax of 15%); an annual wage increase rate of 3.5%; a default starting age of 25 unless modified; retirement age of 65; starting employer size of 150,000; employer size growth rate of 11.60%; annual salary as shown; starting balance as shown and no additional voluntary contributions; using Industry SuperFund funds fees as of 31 March 2011.